This site is dedicated to the BACC, which stands for the British Chamber of Commerce. This special institution has been established in the United Kingdom in order to promote trade and tourism within the vibrant nation of Argentina. Anyone who is planning to travel to Argentina or do business there will find that the BACC provides a wealth of information and assistance that can help to smooth the way.

Argentina is one of the most colorful and interesting nations in the whole of South America and this is the perfect place to take a vacation. Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina and this makes the perfect place to use as a base while exploring the nation. The city comes complete with a large number of historical and cultural attractions, while Buenos Aires is also famous for its colorful nightlife scene.

Argentina is also famous for its beautiful beaches and sun worshippers are sure to be in their element there. However, the nation also boasts a large number of stunning ski resorts that are just waiting to be enjoyed during the winter months. This makes Argentina the perfect all year round vacation destination.

Visitors to this site will find a large collection of articles that relate to what to see and do while visiting Argentina. These articles can be used to help visitors plan the vacation of a lifetime so that they are able to get the most out of their trip and make sure that it will never be forgotten.