An Overview of Argentina

argentina-2zqc5k8n2bnzv3qtfamcqoArgentina is synonymous with Tango dancing and Gauchos. It’s blessed with abundant natural resources and includes the spectacular Patagonia range, pampas plains and the Terra del Fuego. The local people are proud of their unique culture.

Once one of the richest cities in the world at the turn of the last century, Buenos Aires is South America’s most distinctly European-looking city. It has wide boulevards and grand buildings. Despite recent economic woes, this stately capital has many historic attractions, a lively nightlife and has a delightful atmosphere, best explored by wandering around the cities back lanes. There are plenty of places to shop, excellent food and friendly locals. Situated on the banks of the Río de la Plata, this elegant city is somewhat reminiscent of Paris with its tree-lined avenues and numerous squares.

The bulk of the nation’s international flights arrive daily at Ezieza airport not far from city limits. Buenos Aires is an expensive city and in its cosmopolitan downtown, the Plaza de Mayo is the traditional focus of activity, whilst the Avenida Santa Fe is currently the fashionable shopping area. Buenos Aires’ main attractions include the Catedral Metropolitana, the Teatro Colón opera house, and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.

Córdoba is Argentina’s second biggest city, and is the country’s architectural treasure house, which includes the Museo Histórico Provincial Marqués de Sobremonte, one of the most important in the country. Given such a huge, elongated landmass, the choices of road destinations are almost unending and the nation’s treasures abundant.

Mar del Plata is on the northern Atlantic coast, 400 kilometers from the capital. The nearby beaches are stunning, and offer visitors sophisticated mansions for accommodation. Upper-class resorts mingle freely with middle-class porteños along the seafront, while sea lions keep an eye on the fishing activities. It is best to check out most top locations in Patagonia in the sultry summer months.