Checking Out Argentina’s Cities

argentina_buenos_aires_tour_panorama_of_buenos_aires_-_argentina_adventure_tangol_lost_world_adventures_0Argentina’s urban centers are full to the brim with character and colonial architecture. There’s an endless variety of cities, including: the buzzing capital of Buenos Aires; the compact university town of Córdoba; the culturally rich mountain towns of Mendoza and Salta; and the ancient architecturally-rich town of Corrientes.

Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, boasts a decadent combination of South American energy and European sophistication, and requires several days to explore. In addition to seeing the city’s impressive museums and architectural sights, take time to wander its grand plazas and boulevards, stroll along its fashionable waterfront, and engage in its dynamic culture and nightlife. A thick Argentine steak in a local parrilla (grill), a visit to a San Telmo antiques shop, or a dance in a traditional tango salon are the small experiences that will connect you to the city’s soul.

Córdoba is Argentina’s second-largest city and was once the country’s architectural treasure house. It has a fine collection of colonial buildings concentrated in its compact center, including: the old market, the Iglesia Catedral (featuring a Romanesque dome) and the Jesuit Iglesia de la Compañía. Additionally, the Museo Histórico Provincial Marqués de Sobremonte is one of the most important historical museums in the country.

Mendoza, the capital of the wine-producing region of the same name, is located on the Chilean border and characterized by tree-lined streets and a large network of irrigation canals. The Andes mountain ranges can be seen in the distance from many parts of the city, whose universities, museums, theatres and art galleries are testaments to its vibrant cultural life.

Interesting museums include the Museo Sanmartiniano (for history) and the Museo Popular Callejero (architecture). Most wineries near Mendoza offer tours and wine tastings.

Located in Argentina’s northeast, Corrientes, also the capital of its namesake province, is one of the country’s oldest cities. Among Corrientes’ oldest churches are the Santísima Cruz de los Milagros and the Convento de San Francisco. Also worth a visit is the Colonial, Historical and Fine Arts Museum.